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Object-oriented Program Design and Software Engineering - free video course from MIT professors

Learn Object Orientated Java from a series of video lectures presented by MIT tutors for the ArsDigita University. Free education is a wonderful thing.

I’ve been wanting to understand Object Orientated coding better for years, and it looks like this will help. Since reading about OO programming as part of my ‘Teach myself PHP’ adventures four or five years ago, I’ve had a reasonable understanding of the tools used in OO programming (methods, objects, inheritance, etc.,) but never understood how to use them in a project. Procedural coding makes sense to me (do a, then b, then c, etc.,). Object Orientated programming makes sense in principal, but I’ve never been able to take that principal of understanding and figure out how to apply it to a project.

Here is a series of course material, from lecture notes to the complete tutorial sessions in video format - all about Java and Object Orientated Programming. Java is an inherently Object Orientated language, and I’m hoping to learn a lot from watching these videos. I also intend to check out the rest of the ArsDigita university project, as it seems like a brilliant principal, which sadly was forced to close after only one year. There are a series of other courses available in addition to this Object Orientated one.

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