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Aptana, a cross-platform IDE

Aptana is an open source jEdit / Dreamweaver replacement program, available on Linux, Windows and Mac. It’s currently in an early beta stage, but looks very interesting. (Actually the source isn’t open quite yet, but the site promises this will happen shortly)

I’ve not tried it yet, but it’s on my list of applications to take a long hard look at. jEdit on linux is just too damn ugly, despite the fact it’s an awesome IDE. Being mostly a designer, ugliness and poor design of applications annoys me perhaps more than it ought to. I’m not really sure what the ‘Javascript’ talk is all about on the Aptana site, other than it has helper applications for AJAX frameworks, but the screenshots certainly make it look like a nice environment to work in. I’d watch it in action, but doing that requires Flash Player 8, and you can’t get that for Linux… Sorry, there is a Flash 7 version too, just read beyond the ‘you need Flash Player 8′ message and there’s a ‘for Flash 7′ link. Which is confusingly odd.

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