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New content in the Gallery section at last!

Not long ago I wrote about my lack of creativity. I decided to do something about it, and one of my ideas was to set myself a theme at the start of every month, and take photo’s or produce images based around the theme. Well, the idea has half worked. I didn’t set myself a theme, but I did get out and take a load of photos. I’ve culled the ones that I didn’t like so much, which has left the ones you see here. Most are black-and-white, as I’ve found myself being drawn to the look. Perhaps because removing colour takes away at least one complication of getting a good shot, though I’m not really sure. Anyway, here’s my attempt to get a little creative again. It even includes one photo that is in fact a Photoshop montage of two others. smiley icon: smile I’m going to aim at having a batch of images in the Gallery on the last Saturday of each month. Wish me luck! smiley icon: laugh

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