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Last.fm redesigned and improved

I know I’ve raved about last.fm before, but those guys have just released an improved version of their service/site, and I am loving it even more.

The website has seen a redesign, and it’s looking great. I’m not so fond of the red, so I’ve used the style-switcher (top right) to switch to the black theme. The layout is great, how it works now is even better too, providing loads of additional information about bands and even a breakdown of what tracks my friends and ‘neighbours’ are currently listening to.

Also, the new last.fm player is truly brilliant (though I’m still waiting for a Linux version…). Just enter the tags you want to listen to (any number of them) and hit play, and it’ll start streaming music which has those tags. Utterly great. So, for example, I could just type ‘ambient’, see the results and add the ‘ambient breakbeat’ tag to my player list, then search for ‘chillout’ and add the ‘trance chillout’ tag, then start playing the radio. Here’s my last.fm profile if you fancy taking a nosey. My subscription expired so you can’t listen to my own radio stream at the moment. I may remedy that soon. smiley icon: smile

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