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Karova turns 3yrs old

Last Wednesday, Karova turned 3yrs old, and Pete threw a BBQ to celebrate (at Aled’s house though!). I’ve only been with the team for the last year but I can see how far we have come even in that little time. It’s been a challenging and immensely fun experience. We have now passed the point where statistically we should have sunk or swum. We’re swimming pretty well, and learning new tricks as we go. smiley icon: smile Our plans for the future are even more promising, and it’s great to see us expanding, taking on even bigger and better projects, and getting to know new members of staff. smiley icon: laugh

The BBQ itself was great, with some sublime food cooked by the chef, good weather, and a fun night. I wasn’t drinking, but that didn’t stop me getting dragged into a late night arm-wrestle and weight lifting type thing. I suppose I should never have risen to the challenge of prooving Pete wrong about his assumption that I couldn’t lift the 20kg bar-bells that were sitting on the floor over my head. *rolleyes* Of course, after that it all degenerated into a trial of strength. In the end I beat Sam, Aled and Gaz before the mighty Joel whupped my ass. There’s a video of it if you wish to see. Were you to watch said video you might think that Joel was toying with me, but I can assure you that when Pete slams the table, that was simply my queue to give up and hand the new kid a victory smiley icon: wink

You can see a plethora of extra photo’s over at Phil’s site.


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  1. Matthew J Ward posted 1 days, 21hrs, 41mins after the entry and said:

    Lol, just took a look at the video. Must say since I saw 'The Fly' (only really applicable if you have seen it) Those sort of videos make me cringe!

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