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20hz to 22Khz

Most people can hear frequencies between 20Hz and 22Khz, though the frequency response drops with age. Here you can listen to some samples and see how well you can hear.

I can hear right up to the 22Khz frequency, although the guy that made these seems to have left in harmonics, so I can’t be sure I’m hearing the true 22Khz. In any case, the ‘teenager’ frequency is still clearly audible to me. Which, at 25yrs old, is a nice discovery. Of course, that proberbly also explains why I hear electronic noise from my PC (over headphones) that no-one else seems to complain about.


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  1. Matt Wilcox posted -85737sec after the entry and said:

    I just realised that the test might not be too accurate - most audio equipment isn't rated above 20Khz, and may not actually output anything to hear. Or it might pitch-shift it I suppose.

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