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Llandudno and Newborough

The first blog entry which is dedicated to my attempts at ‘proper photography’, as opposed to point-and-click snapshots. I’m learning. Slowly.

I tend to have a natural aversion to heavy contrast and saturation, which is something I wanted to work on. A number of people on one of the forums I frequent have commented on my low saturation and low contrast shots, and while I often like the shots myself, there’s no point doing things the same way all the time, so these shots were attempts at moving away from my normal ‘treatment’. The first few are from Llandudno. I took a walk up The Great Orme the day before last, took some shots, and picked my favourites to put up here. Unfortunately I also discovered that my hayfever has kicked in now, and by the time I got back my eyes were blood red, streaming tears and I couldn’t stop sneezing for the life of me. Hayfever is evil.
The other shots are from Newborough, which is a very nice place (with a CL close by for any caravaners who might like to know). Ben and myself had gone out with the intention of putting our 350Ds to use, and while the trip was shorter than we might have liked, we did get some good shots. Of course, it will also teach us to pack food next time. We left due to hunger and hunger induced laziness!

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