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Transformers: The Movie was the first film I ever saw at a cinema, way back in ‘86. With an awesome 80’s rock soundtrack, Lenard Nimoy as Galvatron and a giant planet robot, what could be better!? Well - how about a live action movie? With Autobots and Decepticons and modern CGI. Oh yeah! smiley icon: happy

I only hope it’s based on the cars and trucks of the original cartoon. It got rather naff when they all turned into dinasours and such in later series. No - it wasn’t just because I grew out of it smiley icon: joke


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  1. MWF posted 3 days, 5hrs, 5mins after the entry and said:


    They are not based on the actual 80's cars, trucks and cassette tapes of the orginal, they updated them. I had pics of the new cars linked on my Web site but Paramount asked for them to be pulled at the source.

    The good news is I can assure you what I saw looked great. For instance one of the Decepticons is a police car based on the new Mustang. Complete with huge bull bars and special Decepticon paradoy police livery. Another is based, I think, on the forthcoming Camaro but I can't remember.

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 3 days, 6hrs, 29mins after the entry and said:

    Sorry, my mis-writing. "based on the cars and trucks of the original cartoon" should have read "based on cars and trucks like the original cartoon".

    As opposed to Optimus Prime being some sort of large robotic Coke vending machine, or some other such 'updated' disaster.

    Glad to hear they still look good though - I've not actually seen any shots of it yet smiley icon: sad

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