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Federal Marriage Amendment

FMA is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution which would define marriage in the United States as a union of one man and one woman. The FMA also would prevent extension of marriage-like rights to same-sex couples.


The fact that this sort of thing can be proposed in the modern era depresses and angers me. It’s a deliberate step backward for equal rights, and it’s being made because of religious zealotry. If this happened in the East people from the West would be clamouring about repressive societies and religions. Because it’s in our own Western back yard we fail to see it the same way, despite the fact that it is exactly the same. And there is no mistaking that this move is based on America’s frankly worrying religious extremeism. There is no other reason to suddenly change the Consitiution, apart from to segregate those members of society Bush and Co deem ‘undesirables’ because of… well what? Someone give me a viable reason that doesn’t originate from Christianity or Religion.

Furthermore, and as a matter of personal opinion, I don’t think Marriage should be in the Constitution or in any Law anyway. Marriage is for religion, it’s a statement of belief before God. Laws should be for ‘declaired partnerships’, not marriages. The State and Religion should never intertwine.

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