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What I've been doing recently

It’s been six and a half months since I last wrote in the Journal, and now the website is in a functional state I thought it was time to remedy that ‘lack of updates’ situation.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my work at Karova, thoroughly enjoying life in a flat of my own, and generally having a good time in all manner of ways. I’m very settled here in Llandudno and the flat is feeling like a home now. smiley icon: smile I am ashamed to say that it took until this month to walk over to the other side of Llandudno and visit the West Shore. And what a beautiful place I’d managed to not visit! I don’t have any photos of that part of Llandudno to show you, because I am finally going to bite the bullet and buy a DSLR when I get my next pay check. I want to wait to use that, because my little 1.3Mp Fujifilm simply won’t do those views justice. Instead you can see a few shots of the other end of Llandudno in the attached media.
Something else I had managed not to do until yesterday evening is walk around the Great Orme. My parents and little brother dropped by as they were on holiday in the area, and we decided to go for a walk. There was still a haze in the air, which the sun hadn’t managed to burn off but even so it was very nice. It also turns out I’m fitter than I had thought, managing to do the 5 miles without my breath changing from it’s usual pace (though my hips and ass knew about it by the end). I had thought that six months of not doing anything apart from sitting in an office would have had a worse effect. In any case, once I get that digicam in my hands I’m going to be out in the summer sun a heck of a lot!

I’ve recently managed to find time to relax in the evenings, and it’s only now that I realise how important that is. Somehow I’d managed to spend a lot of my time doing ‘chores’, even this site felt like a chore by the time I was mid way through. That was a bad state of mind to be in, and something I’ve managed to fix by starting to read and listen to music again - as an entertainment in and of itself. It’s too easy to just turn on some music and browse the net, thinking that is relaxation when it’s really just a distraction that leaves your mind free-wheeling on snippets of information, devoid of focus but thinking incessantly. It’s easy to read technical books while imagining how that might help you in your work, both under the pretence of relaxation. Neither of the above are relaxation. Relaxation is kicking back, closing your eyes, and listening to the music. And boy have I re-discovered how much I love listening to music! The same for reading books - I’ve re-started The Wheel of Time series and am addicted to it once again (incidentally, there’s some worrying news about the author, Robert Jordan. It’s entirely possible the WOT stories may never be finished. smiley icon: sad )

It’s getting late, and it’s time for me to go do some of that relaxing thing, so I bid you farewell. smiley icon: sleep


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  1. Philip Roche posted 22hrs, 55min, 19sec after the entry and said:

    I too have been making a concious effort to alter my work time to life time ratio and trying to relax more. I've not cracked it yet but it is getting better and the longer evenings definitely help.

    On the fitness thing, I went for a long cross country run with Bobby and I too was surprised how fit I was.

    Also your new site does look fipping awesome. Now I just hope I don't loose this comment. I think a CTRL+A CTRL+C is in order smiley icon: smile

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 23hrs, 12min, 1sec after the entry and said:

    CTRL+A CTRL+C is always a good move smiley icon: wink

    Long cross country run? I bet Bobby loves you for it! smiley icon: laugh

    Cheers for the site compliment.

  3. Matthew J. Ward posted 3 days, 23hrs, 59mins after the entry and said:

    Good to see you have found the time to give us an update, I will try and get in touch with you later this week… Plans to be made… Sites looking good! smiley icon: wink

  4. Joey posted 4 days, 21hrs, 17mins after the entry and said:

    I've been doing more of that relaxing thing recently too, and have been making a conscious effort not to spend anywhere near as much time as I used to on the computer, and far more time reading. I think it's having a positive effect.

    Glad everything is going well for you. smiley icon: smile

  5. Aled posted 5 days, 18hrs, 16mins after the entry and said:

    Yes, relaxing is good.

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