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Now I really want an '82 Corvette!

This weekend Chris and Joey returned to sunny Stoke to say hello. Joey has been slaving away doing uni work and exams, which has meant her 21st came and went without a trip to the pub. smiley icon: sad She’s now finished uni and so a trip to the pub was organised as part birthday celebration, part finishing uni celebration, part just an excuse to go to the pub. smiley icon: laugh

After picking up Chris, Joey and Sue we made our way to the pub and found Dawson already waiting for us in his Spitfire (after Chris and myself had spent 30min waiting for him in Cheadle!). As we parked up I noticed clouds hovering overhead, threatening to deposit copious volumes of water in our general vicinity. Ordinarily that would not be an issue, however we arrived at the pub later than we would have liked and it was full, which meant we were sitting outside. Also, Ad was going to be there later, and he was bringing his TransAm so we could all have a look. A 6.3lr turbo-charged rear wheel drive American muscle, in the wet. Not the best driving conditions for such a vehicle. We sat down, drinks in hand and I must admit I think us lads waited with some anticipation to see whether Ad would find us.

It grew cold as Pies got another round in, the light was starting to drop and every time any car went past at least one of us would turn around to check it wasn’t a TransAm which somehow sounded like an normal family saloon. We need not have worried, Ad found us eventually and we knew he was about to arrive quite probably a full minute before he actually did. Dawson, being keen with such things, whipped out his phone and started recording once the rumble sounded like it ought to already be in the car park. That video is available to download. It’s a pale indication of the sheer brutality of that car, but you can clearly sense our excitement once the thing pops into shot. (You’ll need quicktime to watch it.) All I can say is my dream of owning a 1982 Corvette stepped up a good few notches once the TransAm barked it’s presence. It’s a beautiful bit of kit, and can only be described as ‘brutal’. Matt black, skull and crossbones logo in white on the side, and roaring like nothing else I’ve ever heard. Even at idle. Congratulations to Ad for restoring the beast to roadworthy status and whapping in an even bigger turbo. From my understanding it’s pushing somewhere around 600bhp at the moment.

The night itself was good fun, though unfortunately I didn’t really get chance to talk to Ad or his missus, the pub was just too busy - standing room only in fact, once we had gotten too cold and made our way inside. I think Joey had a good time, she downed plenty of Baylies anyway, and conversation in general got interestingly ‘fruity’ as the night wore on. smiley icon: wink smiley icon: laugh
It was good to catch up with everyone, and as usual Pies had a few entertaining tales to tell with regard to work.


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  1. Laura Lovely posted 1hrs, 9min, 29sec after the entry and said:

    Fruity, huh? I bet you didn’t dare discuss pineapples though! smiley icon: joke


  2. Joey posted 17hrs, 33min, 4sec after the entry and said:

    LOL I think we talked about pretty much anything else but I don’t remember pineapples being the topic of conversation. smiley icon: laugh

    I did indeed have a very good night, and can I just point out that us girls were waiting in anticipation of the TA too you know. smiley icon: joke

  3. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 1hrs, 6mins after the entry and said:

    My apologies Joey, I was over at the ‘boy’ end of the table prior to the TransAm arriving, and so had no idea what you ladies were up to other than getting wet arses. smiley icon: laugh I’m glad you had fun. smiley icon: smile

  4. Matthew J. Ward posted 2 days, 18hrs, 16mins after the entry and said:

    *dribbles*….finally got around to watching that vid, couldn’t see it very well but the sound…..ahhh…like sweet music to my ears!!

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