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Adventures in Food: Chinese

After last week’s outrageous trip to an Indian, this weekend we went to a Chinese. To put this into perspective, you ought to be aware that my attitude toward food probably isn’t the average attitude. I tend to see it more of a chore than an enjoyable task. Eating is something I have to do, and it’s a bit of a waste of time. Preparing food to eat is another order of magnitude more chore-like, which is why I have so much respect for the Chinese we went to last night.
The food was served in a cultural and artistic way. The dishes, the presentation, the food itself (edible dishes!) were pure eye candy. If a culture can be approximated by it’s cuisine, the Chinese culture is appealing. Especially when compared to the British ‘fish&chips wrapped in newspaper’ delicacy. It’s a shame then that the food didn’t taste anything like as good as it looked. I started off with a vegetable lettuce wrap, where the veg, lettuce and sauce were served separately in a ‘build your own’ style offering. It didn’t taste at all bad once I stopped putting the sauce on. After that I had a Pork Chow Mien, which was nice enough but I managed only half before it got too greasy for my tastes. Fortunately I was pretty full by then anyway. And yes, I did use chopsticks. smiley icon: happy All in all, it was a nice experience, but I don’t see myself being overly-enthusiastic to go on behalf of the food again. It also cost more than the Indian, the eight of us managing to compile a bill just shy of the £200 mark. *eek*

After the food we went to a pub/club and had a few drinks. Nathan and Jo disappeared midway through, followed shortly after (or possibly at the same time as) Kath - who was apparently having issues with her corset. Matt stuck with us for a little while before going back to Nathan and Jo’s to see how Kath was doing, leaving Mike, Tara, Mike Haines and myself at the pub. I think everyone bar myself was a little tipsy, Mr Goodwin being more than a little bit drunk, as proven by the conversation on the drive home, where he must have said at least twenty times “ignore anything I say, I’m a bit drunk you know!”. He had downed a bottle of wine and half of Tara’s “Cheeky Vimto” drinks - which are surprisingly tasty. Vimto and Gin, from what I could gather. We left the pub about 1:15am I think.

Excellent night out. More to come soon I hope. smiley icon: smile


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  1. Joey posted 2 days, 5hrs, 28mins after the entry and said:

    Nice to hear Jimi, think we might have Chinese tonight - from Tesco though! smiley icon: laugh

    Cheeky Vimto is usually Port and Blue WKD - the red and blue making it purple in colour, the WKD providing the fruitiness, and the Port making it that little bit cheeky! smiley icon: smile

  2. Hainsey posted 4 days, 8hrs, 15mins after the entry and said:

    I can confirm that “cheeky vimto’s” are Blue WKD and Port… they do make your head pound so, the next day!!

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