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Updates Ahoy!

Yep, I knew this would happen. I’ve left writing the blog so late I’ve forgotten most of what I was going to say. My apologies, I’ll blame it on the clocks having gone forward and the subsequent lack of sleep and general confusion. That or I’ve just been too busy/lazy to get anything written until now, and even with that said, I’m only writing the blog now because it puts off cleaning the kitchen for a few minutes. Incidentally, I managed to make myself tuna and pasta tonight, and it wasn’t half bad. I’m slowly progressing from the various toast dishes. Go me! smiley icon: yum

Last Saturday was a good night, as it was the party in honour of Matt’s 22nd birthday. We went to an Indian in Ashbourne, which was really nice. Unfortunately Chris and Joey couldn’t make it, and Gemma and Pies had to drop out too. Having had a table booked for 11 that might have been a problem if Tara and Mike Haines hadn’t promptly filled in the spaces! :lol I got to meet a few of Matt’s work-mates whom I’ve not seen before, and very sound people they all are too. It was slightly un-nerving when Jodi greeted me with a handshake and a ‘hi Matt, I know you’. (Jodi? Jodie? Jo-dee? Jo-D? help me out here!). Turns out he reads the blog. Dun dun dun! People I don’t know are actually reading all this - that’s a little scary!
The evening itself was good fun, and the food was also excellent. I went mildly adventurous and got myself some crazy starter, the name of which I can’t remember anymore. It was nice anyway, triangular, filled with herbs and meat and such. The only minor niggle was the fact the food took so long to get there. We must have spent a good 2.5hrs in there, to the point where we left thinking we wouldn’t get chance to visit a pub. In the end we did manage to do that, but it shut about 20min after we got in. Not that it mattered too much as Ben had started whinging about being tired at 11pm and (as he was driving) ended up whisking half the people away early with him. Now I wouldn’t mind that ordinarily, nor would I mention it, but only the night before he’d been pestering my sister to go to the pub at 10pm and not taking no for an answer. So, Mr Ben, slapped wrist there for double standards and general whinging with undue care and attention.

Sunday night I was at The Ship with Chris, Gemma, Joey and Pies, which was great as I’ve not seen any of them in a fair while. Chris very kindly drove and after the first round I had a few Vodka and Cokes (First round I got myself a pint of coke, forgetting I wasn’t driving for once).

Today I’ve learned a little more about the work situation, which was mentioned in a previous entry. I still can’t elaborate on any of it I’m afraid - those that have seen me in person will know what it’s about anyway. I promise I’ll write more when I back-track to all this a few months from now.


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  1. MWF posted 20hrs, 1min, 48sec after the entry and said:

    Keema Samosa Jimi

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 20hrs, 2min, 24sec after the entry and said:

    That was the badger!

  3. MWF posted 1 days, 0hrs, 14mins after the entry and said:

    Some Indian menu translations:

    Keema - Lamb/Beef
    Shiek (pron. Sheesh) - Kebab
    Masalla - Creamy curry
    Tandori - Oven cooked
    Balti - Mixed in together

  4. ben posted 24 days, 22hrs, 5mins after the entry and said:

    yeah but i was asking to go pub at 10, not walking in there at 11.30, we left at 12, get it right lad, oh and try driving 200 miles then going out, not fun smiley icon: wink

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