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Adobe CS5

I would jump for joy if all they did was add no new features and fix the god-awful broken mess they so jokingly call a User Interface. As in I would literally get off my seat and bound around the office as though someone had strapped pogo-sticks to my legs with over-bounding joy if Adobe release a new product that doesn’t infuriate in new and fundamentally diabolical ways. Because I don’t think I can take much more of Adobe’s “improvements” without booking a plane ticket, heading to their offices, and going on a rampage screaming “remember before you bought Macromedia? Remember when you gave a shit about users rather than shareholders? Remember when you were good? DO THAT, mother******!” I know of no other software that can make my blood boil just because it’s so self-righteous that it refuses to understand the OS basic Cmd+Tab behaviour properly.

Please CS5, please work properly. It’s all you gotta do to make a lot of people very happy. Work with OSX instead of licking your own balls like a misbehaving dog.

CS5 launch countdown

PS: Not blaming the coding guys at Adboe, just whatever process keeps getting painful development choices made instead of nice ones.


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  1. rl posted 12 days, 10hrs, 37mins after the entry and said:

    Wait a minute, when did you switch to the Mac? I thought you were a PC guy.

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