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The Triumphant Return

Well hello there! smiley icon: smile Yes, it’s a little late, and it’s not all done by any means, but MatthewWilcox.com is back up baby! *celebrates, hands out party hats, invites you to try the wine* So…it’s been over a month since a diary update. Heck it’s been a month since the site’s been online, want to know what’s happened while i’ve been away?

Well first off new year has come and gone. I’d love to tell you all about it, but it turns out i got very very drunk smiley icon: worry What i remember of it was great however! It ended up with Matt, Kath, Chris, Joey, Pies, Gemma, Ben, John, Carmel and myself down at the White Heart in Tean. If there was anyone else there…i don’t remember you, sorry! I have a very vague recollection of Mike Haines, Tara and Stepec turning up, but of those only Step do i remember talking to. I guess they turned up around my third double whisky, which was when my memory starts to falter. Quite -why- i was letting myself get so drunk i do not know, because i don’t usually. I remember Step trying some crazy pressure point rubbish that had no effect on me. Other than that my most vivid memory would be bear hugging Pies into submission throughout the night. The big guy (twice my weight) is a bit of a wuss when it comes down to it smiley icon: wink Apparently at one point i was being dragged along the floor because i wouldn’t let go of his leg.
Anyway, it was a fun night though New Years Day saw me in bed until 4pm on account of being physically unable to move until then. My head has never ever felt that bad, and i intend to never ever let it get like that again. According to Joey and Chris i got along great with the bar man and there was a ‘down in one’ competition…which i don’t remember smiley icon: worry

Post New Year i have been mostly doing uni work, and up until late January it was having drastic implications on the social life, in that i didn’t really get to have one. smiley icon: sad Fortunately i got a lot of stuff done, and it’s eased off again now. I say eased off, what i really mean is i have only one major project to do, which itself consists of three ’small’ projects. As soon as i get mw.com up and running again i’m going to be working very very hard on that. This is the stuff that actually means something to the degree :eek

So what’s going on with mw.com you may be wondering. Well, i had to renew my hosting and i found a waaaay better host and decided to switch. Sadly they’re based in America and switching had a few effects, one being the fact that my website is five hours behind GMT, another being the fact it meant my site no longer worked at all! :lol I decided to do a partial re-write of the PHP code, to tidy it up, a partial tidy of the database this site is powered by, and most importantly i decided to ditch the old style HTML table based layout of my site and go all Standards Compliant. Yes - this site is now XHTML Strict / CSS powered…and that is what is taking so long to get the site back up and running. Incidentally, if you can’t see my site properly and it’s a mess - you need a new browser, because yours is waaaaay old and doesn’t support Web Standards

Something i’ve succumbed to recently is I’m a celebrity…get me out of here - mainly because Johnny Rotten is so interesting to watch. The guy is not the idiot a lot of people think. Eccentric, definitely, but he’s pretty smart and he’s good to listen to. It’s disappointing when they continually edit out sound though, it’d be so much more interesting to hear -real- opinions on things that actually matter, but they have to edit it out ‘for legal reasons’. Anyway, i’m off because tonight i’m out to the pub with Mike and Chris! See ya later! smiley icon: smile

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