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PlainView, a full screen browser based on Webkit

I bet they wished they had heard of pressing F11 in Firefox, which makes the brower fullscreen, completely removing the browser chrome. And as for the ‘presentation mode’ PlainView offers, whereby they pre-load sets of websites and can seemlessly skip to the next website: pre-load your websites in tabs, then press Ctrl+Tab to switch tabs while in fullscreen mode, seemlessly. Press Ctrl+Shift+Tab to move backward through the tabs.

Knowing a couple of keyboard shortcuts would have saved them a whole lot of time.


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  1. russ Welti posted 352 days, 20hrs, 0mins after the entry and said:

    F11 in Firefox *still* does not work on a Mac, which is what Plainview runs on. By fullscreen they mean no menu bar not just a maximized, chromeless window.

    Plainview is great. The only solution I know of on a Mac.
    It has a useful 'kiosk' mode, too, for public settings.

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