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In reality I never got the Archive working nicely when the site was live - all it did back then was loop through URL IDs. What you see here is far nicer than was ever "live".

Bare in mind there's 10yrs of content on this site. Its aims changed throughout its life, so the content types and style change over time. The site started as a project to learn PHP, as a personal journal.

Maybe you want to:


Entries containing my own art and photography


Events and thoughts of a personal nature

My Two Cents

My oppinion on all manner of things

Of The Moment

A selection of noteworthy links I've recently discovered…


A portfolio of my work


Reviews of books, products, and other things.

Web Development

Topics relevent to web devlopment and the internet

Site information

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This domain and all content is a copy of my old website, for historical purposes only.